A Separate Bill for Sewer/Wastewater & Solid Waste Charges


Beginning October 2012, Hopewell customers' Virginia American Water bills will no longer include charges for wastewater/sewer services. The City of Hopewell will send you a separate bill for your sewer/wastewater services.
You will continue to receive your regular Virginia American Water bill for water service. Here are some answers to questions you may have:

Why is this change occurring?


For many years, Virginia American Water has provided third-party billing services for the City of Hopewell and Hopewell Wastewater Treatment Facility. In 2012, Virginia America Water made the strategic decision to exit the third-party billing services line of business to focus on its core service of providing high-quality water services to its Hopewell customers.

What does this change mean for me?


You will continue to receive your regular Virginia American Water bills. These bills will include the following charges for water: Current Water Charges and Other Current Charges. You will receive a separate bill for sewer/wastewater charges.

When did separate billing begin?


Separate billing for sewer/wastewater charges began in October 2012.

Where can I turn for more information?

  • For questions about your water bill or make a change of address, or change in service: Please call Virginia American Water at 1-800-452-6863.
  • For questions about your sewer bill (starting October 1): Please call customer care at 804-477-8336.