Privacy & Security Statement


The following policy addresses the collection, use and security of all information obtained or processed by the Data Integrators Inc. from website users. Industry-accepted technologies are used to safeguard all personally identifiable and sensitive information, as protecting the privacy of website users is a priority. The Data Integrators Inc. reserves the right to make changes to this website (including, without limitation, discontinuing this website or the services offered on this website) and any associated terms and conditions at any time, with or without notice.

Usage Policy

When filling out a form or application, contacting Data Integrators Inc., participating in e-commerce or other use of this site, you agree to provide accurate and complete information, and, in the case of registration or accounts, to keep this information current and complete. By using any function of Data Integrators Inc. website, you agree to be bound by these Legal Notices ("Notices") and all other terms and conditions posted on the sites provided by Data Integrators Inc. or affiliated financial institutions or businesses. By using this website, you agree to be responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your personal information, including any account number and password, and for restricting access to your computer. You further agree to accept responsibility for all activities that occur under your account or password. You should notify Data Integrators Inc. immediately if you believe there has been an unauthorized use of your account or password or any other breach of this site's security. All websites operated by Data Integrators Inc. reserve the right to refuse service, terminate accounts, remove or edit content, or cancel purchases in their sole discretion.

Data Collection

By visiting Data Integrators Inc. website, you have provided us with certain information. Data Integrators Inc. does collect information about visitors, including the type of browser and operating system you use, the date and time you visited the site, the webpages or services you accessed and the website you visited prior to coming to Data Integrators Inc. website. This data is collected for analytical and statistical purposes to help better manage the site and better serve you.


Cookies are pieces of information generated by our web server and stored on your computer to enable certain transactions such as personalizing your account with the Data Integrators Inc., participating in e-commerce, signing up for an online newsletter or other service. The cookie randomly generates a unique session identification number so that we can process your request. Cookies are not used to identify individual users or to track online activities. Although it may alter the quality of your service, you may block cookies or remove cookies through your browser settings or simply wait for the cookies to expire.

Sending E-mail

If you choose to send an electronic message to Data Integrators Inc. using your own mail program, all information provided in that message will be used only to respond to your request. No personally identifying information will be shared with any third party or other governmental agency not directly handling your request unless otherwise required by law. Data Integrators Inc. may use your e-mail address to respond to you. Please be informed that e-mail sent through your own mail program is not normally secured by encryption nor protected by confidentiality. You should not send personal or sensitive information by e-mail unless you wish to assume the risk that an unauthorized person may learn your e-mail address or information as your e-mail is transmitted.

Filling Out An Online Form Or Application

Online forms and applications may be used for account registration, customer service, or other e-government services. Information submitted through an online form or application is secured by Data Integrators Inc.'s encryption technology. However, it is suggested that you not submit further personal or sensitive information in the text box section of such online forms and applications. If you voluntarily participate in an online survey, your e-mail address, response and other volunteered information may be collected. Survey information may be used for purposes identified by the survey. Data Integrators Inc. may use your e-mail address to respond to you. If you voluntarily subscribe to an online newsletter or other publication by Data Integrators Inc., certain personal information will be collected in the form of a mailing list. Should you wish to "Unsubscribe" at any time, this option will be clearly listed in each newsletter or publication.


Your opportunity to do business with Data Integrators Inc. via the Internet will continue to increase in the future. E-commerce transactions are allowed only under tightly controlled circumstances, where the appropriate technological and other safeguards are in place to protect your personal and payment information, provided that your browser is properly configured and your computer is operating properly. This encrypted information is shared only with designated banks and credit card clearinghouses, all of which also operate secured servers. Each e-commerce web site controlled by Data Integrators Inc. includes more specific information about the particular safeguards and terms and conditions you must abide by while using that particular e-commerce site.

External Links

Links to external websites will let you leave Data Integrators Inc.'s website. Data Integrators Inc. is providing these links to you only as a convenience, and the inclusion of any link does not imply endorsement by Data Integrators Inc. of the site. The linked sites are not under the control of Data Integrators Inc., and Data Integrators Inc. is not responsible for the contents of any linked site or any link contained in a linked site, or any changes or updates to such sites. No reference to another company's copyrighted materials (brand names, trademarks, etc.) is intended as a challenge to that copyright.

Disclosure To Third Parties

Data Integrators Inc. will not rent, sell, or distribute any personally identifiable information entered into the website (name, address, phone number, etc.) or electronic mail address to any third party for marketing or mailing list purposes. Your credit card information will not be disclosed for any reason except those related to your transaction or as required by law.

Review & Correction of Personally Identifiable Information

To review or correct factual errors in your personally identifiable information, contact Data Integrators Inc. Customer Service line at 804-477-8336.


Data Integrators Inc. is committed to safeguarding the integrity of it database and ensuring that this service remains available to all users. Data Integrators Inc. monitors network traffic through commercial software designed to identify unauthorized attempts to upload or change information or otherwise damage the system. Unauthorized attempts to upload information or change information on this service are strictly prohibited and may be punishable by law. Reasonable steps have been taken to protect private information, but this policy should not be construed as warranting a fail-proof security system.


Information on this website is believed to be accurate but is not guaranteed. Data Integrators Inc. is neither responsible nor liable for any viruses or other contamination of your system nor for any delays, inaccuracies, errors or omissions arising out of your use of this website or with respect to the material contained on the website, including without limitation, any material posted on this website. This website and all materials contained on it are distributed and transmitted "as is" without warranties of any kind, either express or implied, including without limitation, warranties of title or implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Data Integrators Inc. is not responsible for any special, indirect, incidental or consequential damages that may arise from the use of, or the inability to use, the website and/or the materials contained on the website whether the materials contained on the website are provided by Data Integrators Inc. or a third party.